Nemesis - Alton Towers

Automatically Count Rides

Auto Ride Count can automatically identify which rides* you go on, then add them to your ride list for that day- saving you time and effort!

*Selected parks & rides-click here for info

Helix - Liseberg

85+ parks included

Create trip reports at most UK parks, selected parks in Europe, Asia & America. You can also create custom parks if your favorite park is not already included!

Checkout the list of included parks here.

Big Thunder Mountain - Disneyland Paris

More Awesome features!


Do you want to keep track of the number of rollercoasters and theme park rides you go on, but don't want to spend time manually selecting the rides that you have just been on? Auto Ride Count is the ultimate ride counting app for theme park enthusiasts, which can automatically recognize the rides that you go on and add them to a trip report for that day (selected rides & parks only-see Park Compatibility page for more info).

You can then share the number of rides you have been on social media, or you could share a sorted ride count list- which is great for using in trip reports etc.

You can also share the trip itself with others using the Import/Export feature!

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