Here are some of the answers to questions that you may have about Auto Ride Count.

Why is [park] not in Auto Ride Count?

Auto Ride Count supports over 80 parks in the UK, Europe, Asia and America. (The full list can be found on the 'Park Compatibility' page.) However I may have missed a park when choosing ones to be included in the app. If your favorite park is not on the list, you can still create it as a custom park and use it in the app - visit this page for more info about custom parks!

Why can I not use the 'Auto Add Ride' feature at [park]?

To add a park to the 'Auto Add Ride' feature, I have to go to the park multiple times to collect data, then test that the app works. This can take a long time, therefore there are only a few parks that are supported. If you are a regular visitor to a park and want to help add a park to the app (all you need to do is go on the rides!) then please contact me so I can look into adding the park.

Why did the 'Auto Add Ride' feature not work on [ride]?

A ride may not be identified for many reasons, for example- if the ride was running unusually slow/fast, the G forces may be different to what the app was expecting. Another reason for the app not finding the ride could be the accuracy of the GPS device in your phone. If a ride has not been identified properly, or the app has said that you are on a different ride, please send me a message using the contact us page with information about what ride you went on to help me improve the app in the future - thanks!

Why is [ride] not available on 'Auto Add Ride'?

The only rides that are compatible with this feature are the park's main rollercoatsers and thrill rides. A specific ride may not be compatible for many reasons, for example:

  • If a ride is inside I may not have included it as the phone will struggle to get GPS signal.
  • Some rides may have been added to the park after the ride data was collected. Therefore these rides may not be included in the app, however I am working to add them ASAP.

Is Auto Ride Count available on other platforms?

Unfortunately, Auto Ride Count is only available as an app on Android and iOS at the moment.

How to I transfer my files from one device to another?

Click here to find out about the Trip & Park Import/Export feature!